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UltraDefrag 5.0.7 (32-bit)

Published September 1, 2012 by Download Software

UltraDefrag is a powerful, open source defragmentation tool for Windows. It´s engine is very fast, because it is created as a kernel-mode driver.

There are three interfaces to them: graphical, console and native. The first is very useful, because it uses cluster map visualization. Console is good for task scheduler, and native tool – for advanced users and programmers.

UltraDefrag´s design is very ergonomic: no skins, no localization, no animation and so on. It´s a truely small and powerful program!

It can be used on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista. NT 4.0 support is currently unavailable.


  • very fast defragmentation, because engine is kernel mode driver and has optimal algorithm.
  • very small engine written in pure C language.
  • nice graphical interface – compact and comfortable.
  • safety, because file moving is realized with special system calls.
  • simple to use.
  • generate html reports.
  • has useful filters.
  • free: distributed with full source code under the GNU General Public License.

System Requirements:

UltraDefrag 5.0.7 (32-bit)

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