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Startup Delayer 3.0.307

Published July 8, 2011 by Download Software
Startup Delayer

Can you learn another language in the time it takes for your machine to boot? Do you turn on your PC when you go to bed, so it´s finished booting by the time you get home from work the next day?

When Windows loads its Startup file, it attempts to load every program in there at the same time. Therefore, if you have quite a lot of programs starting when Windows starts, each program will try and grab CPU time so that it can load.

If each program tries to do this at the same time, you soon notice the slow down that occurs, due to your CPU trying to help all the programs to load, and your hard disk accessing multiple files.

Startup Delayer allows you to setup how many seconds after Windows has started, to load each program.

For Example:
If you have your mail program and a special clock starting up, then you can make your mail start say 10 seconds after Windows has loaded, and then the special clock start 20 seconds after Windows Starts.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows All Version
  • Language: English-US
  • License: Freeware
  • Author: r2 Studio


  • Added an option to specify the amount of time to wait during each check for Idleness. Helps when you find that too many automatic applications are launching too quickly
  • Modified StartMenu shortcut finder to use Top level only, and not all subdirectories when looking for shortcuts
  • Added default executable list if PATHEXT system variable couldn't be found
  • Added checking for external dependencies on startup to ensure the executable wasn't moved to another directory by the user (instead of a shortcut created). If not found, a prompt is displayed and Startup Delayer is closed.
  • Added fix for crash when unable to access a registry key due to security permissions
  • Added auto ignore for any non-local users when Startup Delayer is invoked at startup
  • Added further fixes for invalid filenames with tabs, newlines and character returns in them
  • Added fix for disposed Icon on shutdown
  • Added fix for crash when Applying Quick Panel changes that have previously been reset
  • Split Startup Delayer back into 2 seperate executables so that Startup Delayer can be launched as Admin while Startup Launcher can still launch normally
  • Added support for Common and Active User lists that are combined in the one view
  • Added Professional system skin
  • Added Translations for the Graph log
  • Add files with missing digital signatures to the cache to save future lookups
  • Added Localization coverage ability for checking missing strings
  • Implemented full support for combined Common and Active users, including for Backups, Profiles and the Launcher
  • Fixed 120dpi issues on main toolbars
  • Added Options for Disabling the Services and Running Tasks tabs
  • Fixed the colour of the Quick Delay panel so that it works in all skins
  • Fixed Drag and drop support
  • Removed Segoe UI font reference in main form
  • Updated LaunchStartupApp to expand environment variables before starting process
  • Removed the display of the uacshield when combined user mode
  • Modified the (default) entry in the registry so that it's only displayed if the value isn't empty
  • Increased the size of the Author label in the About window to accommodate multiple lines
  • Fixed an issue where items would be hidden from the list view if duplicates were found elsewhere in the list
  • Completely removed duplicate checking as it creates too many false positives
  • Fixed loss of active user when toggling combine checkbox
  • Added support to the installer to remove files no longer needed
  • Fixed font usage in Launch Tray
  • Fixed crash when disabling the active tab
  • Fixed the performance graph application launches so that they show up again
  • Modified sorting of Backup window so that latest backups are presented at the top of the list
  • Added extra padding into Quick Edit bar

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