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Aloaha PDF Suite 5.0.82

Published August 13, 2011 by Download Software
Aloaha PDF Suite

Aloaha PDF Suite was developed as the ultimate program to create vector based, high resolution PDF Documents. Your PDF Documents are just one click away. Just press the print button and get your PDF as file or email.

PDF is the ideal electronic package to contain everything from spreadsheets, presentations, and brochures, to photographs, rich graphics, and more. Creating PDF files is as easy as clicking a button using the Aloaha PDF Suite.

Aloaha PDF files preserve the look and integrity of your original documents, and you can share them with anyone electronically, regardless of hardware and software platforms.

Today, PDF is the standard, secure format for the electronic submission of drug approvals to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and for electronic case filing in U.S. federal courts. This is also the standard format that is used for advertising pages, in newspapers and magazines.

PDF Security is given by 40 and 128 Bit encryption and digital signatures.


  • Creates vector based, high resolution PDF Documents.
  • Searchable.
  • 40 Bit and 128 Bit encryption supported.
  • JPG and JPG2000 compression
  • PDF Optimizer
  • Document protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatic font embedding
  • Non standard Fonts can be embedded fully automatically.
  • Automatic bookmark creation.
  • No Special Printer Driver or PDF Printer Driver needed.
  • Archives all your printouts to a public folder, directory or mailbox.
  • Attach PDFs to email after creation!
  • Active Directory User lookups to email back the document to the creator in server mode.
  • No size limits.
  • Automatic Imposition of Stationery and Letterhead.
  • Watermarking/Letterhead and Stationary included.
  • Preview Function.
  • Can be used as a forensic tool to view printed queues (SPL)
  • PDF Editor included. Ideal for document workflow.
  • PDF Attachments
  • Ability to act as a container for other files. No Adobe Acrobat or PDF libraries needed!
  • Support for Windows Terminal Server
  • Support for Citrix Metaframe

System Requirements:

Aloaha PDF Suite 5.0.82

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