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AkelPad 4.7.6

Published June 3, 2012 by Download Software

AkelPad is an open source editor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast.


  • Single window mode (SDI), multi window mode (MDI);
  • Editing of files, which size is more than 64K (generally speaking, size isn´t theoretically limited);
  • Full support of Unicode strings on Unicode systems (NT/2000/XP/2003);
  • Support of Unicode codepages (UTF-16 little endian, UTF-16 big endian, UTF-8);
  • Support of any code page installed in the system;
  • Support of DOS/Windows and Unix newline formats;
  • Preview file open;
  • Correct pseudographics displaying;
  • Editing of files with “Read Only” attribute;
  • Notice when trying to open binary file;
  • Multi-level undo;
  • Search/replace text strings, escape-sequences and also search/replace by hexadecimal code;
  • Remember file codepage;
  • Remember file caret position;
  • Remember last search/replace strings;
  • Remember last opened files;
  • Plugins support;
  • Support of language modules;
  • Printing of a document;

System Requirements:


  • Added: multiline search/replace with regular expressions.
  • Fixed: regular expressions support.
  • Fixed: cycle search with regular expressions didn’t work.
  • Fixed: saving settings without open frames (MDI).
  • Fixed: applying delimiters settings.

AkelPad 4.7.6

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