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Tunebite 9.1.23700.0

Published May 30, 2012 by Download Software
Audials Tunebite

Audials Tunebite has been the best solution around for dealing with problems with media files. Whether it is music with copy protection or the incorrect file format, online videos or DVD movies from online videotheques, Audials Tunebite always provides you with the best solutions for recording and converting files for PCs, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, game consoles and any other portable playback device.

Audials Tunebite automatically records music from subscriptions – without sacrificing quality. Afterwards, Audials Tunebite saves these songs as new audio files as MP3s, WMA or any other audio format.

With Audials Tunebite, you will never have to miss out on the latest blockbuster from any online videotheque or Video on Demand service. Audials Tunebite magically displays a recording button in your browser or stream player, which lets you begin recording with just the simple click of a mouse

Tablets, such as the Apple iPad, netbooks and other portable playback devices do not always have the capacity to play DVDs. Audials Tunebite reads unprotected DVDs directly, or copies protected DVDs for your archives without sacrificing quality, and creates these files in the right playback file format for any playback device.

No matter how you listen to your music on your PC, Audials Tunebite can automatically record as individual and labeled files. Audials Tunebite can record any website and even audio streaming music services such as Simfy™, Spotify™ or on Facebook™.

Audials Tunebite contains unique innovations ensuring that the quality of your music and audiobooks is not sacrificed. PerfectAudio technology enables us to provide you with a quality guarantee thanks to this optimally-engineered process that only accepts the very best results. During file conversion via the re-recording process, for example, Audials records the audio file and compares it to the original as many times as is necessary to achieve a perfect result.

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